Monday, July 6, 2009


The only word I can think of to describe the past week is "Crazy"...

First of all, I went out to Mac's on Wed. for the usual $10 all you can drink party night. I recently re-acquainted myself with a childhood friend who I had not seen for over a decade. She's always been cool with me and as such, I decided to invite her out. She accepted and although she showed up very late, we had a great time just reminiscing and enjoying the drinks. She's grown up and out of her siblings, she's the only one who turned out to be a decent human being. Because of her, that was easily the best night at Mac's that I've ever had.

While we were at Mac's, Crazy Kim came up to me and kept trying to get my attention. I was busy every time and honestly, I'm not very interested in more than an extremely casual friendship with her, but she seems like the type of girl who's looking for an easy lay and that person most certainly is not me. Not only am I against one night stands in general, but she's a slutty alcoholic mother of 2 children, whom she does not seem to care enough about to take care of. Either way you slice it, I truly felt a bit empowered by the situation. She was jealous because she was not getting my attention, while other people were getting plenty of it. Ah, it was great.

Next up, we need to step back in time just a little bit. The wed. before last, I ran into a few good frineds of mine at Mac's. While we were all talking and hanging out, I finally had the chance to get my cell phone number to one of the girls I'd been wanting to get close to. Before I go any farther, here's a brief warning: She's married and she's not my type, so don't get the wrong idea. I just always thought she was cool and prior to that night, I hadn't been able to talk to or see her very many times at all.

So, throughout the rest of that week, the following weekend and this past week, we were talking quite a bit. She seemed rather excited to have me available to converse with at all times and we even walked the track for over an hour to get more acquainted, where I also ran into 3 other friends of mine, who also joined us for the trip around the track. Likewise, at first, everything was cool, but it quickly got old. She started spamming me MySpace IM and if I didn't respond, she would try calling me several times, texting me and even blocking her number in an attempt to trick me. Most of those times, I was simply busy or sleeping, but even when I was actually at my computer and having a conversation, she would spam the hell out of me and question me if I did not respond to her within' 10-15 seconds. This is not an exaggeration. So, I started intentionally avoiding her, which wasn't very hard, considering I have plenty of other good friends and tons of other stuff to do these days. That caught up to me, though. I invited her to a family cookout before things started getting creepy, so she showed up. Her and her husband sat in the corner of the yard until I finally made them come over to join me and the others for some conversation. She didn't say much, but her husband took the floor for some gaming conversation and eventually, they left. They showed up late, so they weren't there for very long anyway and things were a bit on the awkward side.

So, after all of that crap, I finally got sick of it and told her the truth. I did not sugar coat it and I came completely clean about everything on my mind. She was not very happy about that and took everything the wrong way, despite it all being in plain English. I had to reiterate my points several times until finally, I snapped and just told her that I was willing to continue our friendship and just forget about these problems if she was willing to follow the one simple rule that I had set for her: Stop spamming the shit out of me. Calling me a few times or sending a few text messages is okay, but the way she was going about it was all wrong and I explained that to her, but ultimately, she didn't see things my way and basically told me that we can't really talk anymore. She doesn't want to associate herself with me unless she "runs into" me or something if we're out somewhere and she's at the same location. After she told me that, I basically summed it up to this: She doesn't want to be mature, work out problems and hold onto the friendship that she claimed she so dearly cared about. In her eyes, she has to be right and she can't deal with the fact that I called her out on this stuff. Oh well. I don't tolerate that shit and if she doesn't come around within' the next week, I'll give her a final curteosy call and see if we can't work it out, but that's it. If she doesn't accept it then, I'm not beating around the bush.

With that out of the way, I only have a few things left to talk about, all of which involve this past weekend and potential plans for the future.

On Friday, I hung out with one of my best friends here at home. GameFly sent me both "Need For Speed: Undercover" and "Tomb Raider Underworld". I added those to my game queue because the afforementioned friend is obsessed with both series and hadn't played either of them, so it was a double whammy favor kinda' thing. Plus I wanted to try them, so it worked out.

Anyway, that was a fun night with lots of laughs and a bit of gaming, but very little sleep. I had maybe 2 full broken hours of sleep before it was time to get ready and around 45 minutes after that before we left the house. On the way to the party, we picked up one of my other best friends, who I haven't seen for a very long time. That was a very big moment because I hadn't ever hung out with him at any point in time when we were not around other mutual friends. He came as my guest, as my friend and wanted to spend time with me; no one else. I was extremely happy about that because it proves that we're bonding as much as I'd hoped we would. He's always been an awesome guy, but he lives a little far away, so it's difficult to see one another very often. Thank goodness for Xbox Live! That's honestly what gave us a chance to really get to know one another and get close.

At the party, I basically ignored one of the people that I convinced to attend, but it wasn't intentional. I was sidetracked and kept getting pulled into every situation and conversation there was to be had. I couldn't help it and as bad as I felt, she's not a very close friend, anyway. She's just a cool person that I wanted to get to know better before she moves away for a few years. Not much else happened, although my sister did destroy my "Apples To Apples" box, a group of people stole the table I was going to use to play the game and I had a few lengthy video game conversations. Oh, and I drank a bit, but not enough to get trashed; just a bit of a buzz, which I kept rollin' all day.

So, the guy I brought to the cookout called his best friend and had him come pick us up. From there, we went to the liquor store, where I was treated to a 40oz bottle of King Cobra, which I personally find to be fucking delicious, regardless of what anyone else says. It's the same thing as Bud Ice! After we were done there, we headed to our destination: the home of the guy who came to pick us up. I'd never been there, but he's leaving for Florida in 2 weeks, so I figured I'd drop by there and hang out at their cookout, meet his mom and all of that other good stuff. We downed our King Cobras within' a very short time and many laughs were had throughout the night. My childhood friend even dropped by for around 2 hours, which was an awesome surprise.

Eventually, everyone aside from my buddy and my childhood friend were in the house, so we finished our conversation, cleaned up and saw my childhood friend off to her car. She only had 2 very weak drinks over the course of her 2 hour stay and was not drunk at all, so we let her go without much restraint. After we went upstairs to our friend's room, that's when things went downhill. A really bad movie was playing, my buddy fell asleep very quickly and I was bored as hell.

What happened next was a bit fucked up. My buddy's friend and the girl he hangs out with started having sex right next to where we were trying to sleep. They tried to cover it up, but it was extremely obvious. Not only did the room suddenly start to smell like dirty sex, but the sounds of sex were flooding my ears and I coud see them fucking one another not more than 3 feet from where I was trying to sleep. So, I sent one of my other best friends a text message; the guy who I rented "Need For Speed: Undercover" and "Tomb Raider Underworld" for. Luckily for me, he's an awesome guy. He didn't hesitate. When I told him what happened, he rushed out here with the neighbor's SUV and picked me up within' minutes. I woke my buddy up before I left and he followed me out after I explained the situation, so he could lock the door behind me. I left while the 2 fuckbuddies were in the shower and I didn't make a single sound, so it all worked out. And for the record, I left because I find that extremely disrespectful and very tasteless. You can talk about it or do it in another room all you want. I don't care how much noise you make or if the walls are paper thing and you're in a room directly next to where I'm sleeping, but don't fucking do it where I can see, smell and hear the sex itself.

The entire weekend rocked, but the following day, which I guess I'm technically still awake from, was extremely boring. I woke up around 2PM from a very odd series of nightmares, sent a message to someone, then contacted one of my friends to come over for some burgers. I cooked up 4 black angus 3/4 pound burgers, 2 of which I ate. The other 2 were given to the friend who came over. He played some more "Need For Speed: Undercover", but left shortly after, took a shower, changed his clothes and then came back around 6 hours later. When he came back, we talked a lot, he played the game for a while, then he left. When he left, he was supposed to head out to Dunkin Donuts and then come right back, but I suppose he was just too tired and fell asleep. That happens a lot in his case, though. He gets tired easily and when he's tired, he has trouble functioning even more so than most other people.

And there you have it. Aside from a few tidbits like my brief conversations with Kristy, the fact that I have not seen or heard from Chrissy and a bunch of games that I've recently obtained, there's not much else to talk about. At least, nothing that I care to get into right now. So for now, I'm going to attempt to get a bit of sleep. Steve out! Take care!


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