Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One giant leap for..well, me.

I'm going to get my GED sometime very soon; it's in talks and I'm going to go take the test, ace it and bring it home.

I'm going to start a new job making $15-20/hour full-time with amazing perks after I get my GED; it's a guaranteed position once I get my GED.

I'm going to talk to doctors and see if I can get approval to get my license. If that doesn't work out, I'll be annoyed, but I wont let that stop me from moving on.

I'm working out full-time. I walk for an hour or longer with a friend of mine around 7PM every day.

I'm starting to cut back on food a bit and I drink far more water again by comparison.

I'm going to start lifting weights on the side, but not too much until I slim down more.

I'm going for a complete hairstyle and clothing change sometime very soon to make myself more appealing and also more "professional" as a bonus.

Chrissy is no longer a part of my life. We had a very short-lived reuinion, which she totally fucked up by doing the same shit all over again within' the first 12 hours of spending time together. That's it, for good.

Kristy and I have been talking again, but I really need to control myself. I don't want to fall for her all over again because of the whole distance thing, among other reasons. We're good friends, though and that's fine fo rnow.

My sleeping schedule is totally fucked right now. I go to bed between 7-9AM and sometimes as late as 10AM. I need to fix that sometime very soon.

My vacation to Ocean City is coming up in August. That's going to be a hell of a badass getaway this year. I need it.

Otakon is coming up in 2 weeks as of this coming Friday. I'm attending that for the first time in 3 years and I'm very excited about it! Yet another awesome event for my hot summer calander!

The big family 4th of July cookout is this Saturday. I invited a ton of friends, most of which who are actually going to show up. I finally found my true friends; ones who don't bail out on me or make excuses for things.

I'm motivated enough to truly clean and rearrange my room, but I'll need help for some stuff. 2 of my friends agreed to help, but I'll need to plan it in advance to get it taken care of properly.

I did some number crunching and if all goes well with my new job, I could seriously move out and live happily within' the next 12 months. Note: That would be TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME, so long as there's a bus stop near by so I can get to work!

I don't play any MMORPGs right now and I canceled NetFlix. I'm cutting costs until I get my new job to save money for the bus trips and lunch breaks when I need it. I'll have enough money to go to Mac's every Wed., but that's it.

I got back in touch with a childhood friend of my sister, who was a pretty cool chick back then and apparently still rocks. It's been about a decade or perhaps longer since I've REALLY spent any time with her. We're going to hang out soon. I'm excited about that!

I'm not taking love or anything of the sort very seriously right now. I'm looking out for myself and focusing on getting my life straightened out. My head is in the right place for the first time in my life, I think. I kinda' feel in tune with the world, if that makes any sense!

I've been making plans to spend a lot of time with many different familiar faces over the summer. I know who I can really count on and those people have my utmost attention!

I feel genuinely happy for the first time in many years.

When I get a chance, I'll write more in-depth about whatever pops into my head, but for now, I need to get some sleep. Thanks for reading! Take care! Steve out!


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