Thursday, June 25, 2009

Far, far too much liquor...

Well, Crazy Kim showed up last night. We barely talked because I truthfully, I didn't want much to do with her. She creeps me out and gives off the impression that she's a slut. I'm not into that whole thing; no hoodrats for me.

On that note, last night at Mac's was rather exceptional in some ways, but less appealing in others. We sat in a good spot, but our main spot up front was claimed by some random people nobody knew before we arrived. That was a little disappointing, as was the lack of other people who showed up. Many of the regulars were not there. A friend of mine, however, did show up, as well as one of his friends and eventually, my brother made an appearance. He was having girl troubles with his ex and wanted to come out for a drink. We stayed until 2AM, when our friend gave us a ride home, since my brother in-law bailed out due to falling asleep randomly while watching TV and not answering his phone.

So anyway, I spent most of the night keeping to myself, but I made a bit of conversation with my brother and our friend, plus a little bit with my other friend, who's there every wed. During my time there, I drank a total of 10 12oz cups of rum and coke. Now, these aren't your child's play drinks! Oh no! These girls know how to treat their customers! They would put 3-4oz of ice in each cup, then a splash of coke. The rest of the cup was filled to the fucking rim with rum. That' seffectively 6-7 shots of rum per cup. This means that I drank around 70 shots of rum, if you really break it down, over the time span of 3 and 1/2 hours. I was extremely drunk, but still no more than I usually am aside from personal physical feelings. I wasn't stuttering or stumbling and I could talk and think just fine. This is a true testament to my personal drinking abilities, but after that, I don't think I'll be drinking as much for a while. Last night was just a particularly glum night, I guess. Before my trip to the bar, I had a lot of stuff on my mind. One of my best friends did have his girlfriend buy us some delicious pizzones from Pizza Hut before we went to Mac's, so that helped out as well, but nothing helps as much as the drinks themselves!

We arrived back here at home a bit after 2AM. I sent a bunch of random text messages to people. I upset one of my best friends and probably creeped out the girl I like, although I have NO IDEA what I said. Drunk texting sucks! I should not be allowed to have a cell phone when I'm that drunk! I can think, but I sure as fuck speak before I think when I get that way. I felt pretty bad about all of that and I think it's time to do some damage control.

After all of that, I went to bed around 3AM after taking 2 Tylenol Extra Strength pills, which is very early for me. I slept like a baby and woke up around 10:30AM. I still felt drunk. I did not puke at all, but I felt like hell for a long while. Only now am I starting to feel better. Talk about rough around the edges!

Today, my close female cousin is trying to make me hang out with her. She knows how I feel right now and she's still trying to make me drink more or at the very least, go spend time with her. She doesn't seem to understand. It's either that or she's extremely selfish. I'm gonna go with selfish. No one else will hang out with her, so she's begging me to cave in and go over there, where I'll be bored and annoyed while my allergies act up and make this hangover even worse. In other words: I'm avoiding her calls and messages. I'll play it off like I fell asleep later. I don't like doing this, but it's that or listen to her whine all fucking day. I'd love to spend time with her, but just not right now; not with anyone. I'd also prefer spending time with her somewhere other than where she lives. I hate having allergies go off like that and there's never anything to do over there.

One of my best friends made a huge beer mess in my room the other day and failed to tell me about it, which means that it's been building up all of this time. The stench was hard to stomach, so I found out what it was, found out how to get rid of it and dealt with the problem. Hopefully that works. If not, I'll try some of the pet odor powder, which you vacuum up after it sits for a while. If THAT doesn't work, I'll buy some pet odor/fungus cleaner. If all else fails, it looks like I have an excuse to get rid of this nasty carpet and clean my room completely. We'll see what happens, but that took up a good hour of my day.

GameFly sent me "Afro Samurai" and "Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard". I've only tried one of them, which was "Afro Samurai" and only for around 45 minutes. The show is stupid and so is the game, but it's extremely fun. It's that stupid, juvenile kind of fun that only button mashing games like this really get right. I enjoy the game and I'll probably play it to completion, provided it's not too long. I don't know how much mindlessness I can stomach.

As of right now, that about covers everything that's happened so far today. I might head out to GameStop and get rid of a bunch of games to get a 120GB hard drive for my Xbox 360, as well as an S-Video cable for my PlayStation 2. I'm still debating, butt it's a definite possibility because I'm tired of not having either of those things. 20GB just doesn't cut it when you have as much DLC and as many XBLA games as I do. I don't even have room for everything that I actually own right now.

For now, that's all I have to say. Take care! Steve out!


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