Friday, June 5, 2009

What's next?

These days, everything seems to be breaking. It all started with my heart, then progressed into parts of the Ax Pro headset, which are being replaced for free thanks to the awesome guys as Tritton. After that, my Xbox 360 broke, causing me to make a big decision, which led to the sale of my PlayStation 3. During that time, my credit and bank accounts were all fucked up, causing me to go in debt far more than I could afford at the time. Now, my cell phone is broken. I didn't even drop it or mess with it. I just woke up and plugged the charger in, but it wouldn't charge. I tried everything the FAQs on the site recommend, as well as a few things I figured may have worked on my own. Ultimately, I discovered that the phone's charging port is just broken and irrepairable without paying for the service at a licensed technician. As much as it would cost, I'd be better off buying a new one, which means that it's time to get rid of some of my Xbox 360 games. I don't necessarily have to sell very many of them, but I don't want to get rid of them at all. This month of phone service is already paid for, too, so if I don't get a new phone soon, that's $40 down the drain. Great, huh? Yeah, I thought so.

In other news, I checked my Turbine accounts. The account tied to my press information had remnants of my work, which means that I had a lifetime membership for free. However, it was set as a trial membership because Turbine restricts their press accounts after 1-3 months, it seems. The way around that, however, is simply to upgrade your account with a new CD key purchased from their official digital store. In other words, I paid $9.99 for Lord Of The Rings Online + the expansion, Mines of Moria and upgraded my account to a full lifetime premium membership. I never have to pay a single penny ever again. The most I have to do is buy the new expansions as they come out, which is standard practice. It's a very fun game for what it is and tons of people seem to play it these days. This is a big perk, though and it gives me something to do when I feel like playing a "serious business" MMORPG. NeoSteam is the other one I play, alongside my slew of other video games.

Other than that, there's not much else to report today. I think I need to start writing daily again. I'm starting to feel overstressed again without unleashing my crazy thoughts upon you guys. Anyway, thanks for reading! Take care!


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