Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Prototype, Kristy, Chrissy and other misc. ramblings...

The first news of the day: I finished the main story of "Prototype" for the Xbox 360. The ending was very anticlimactic and kinda' dull, but it definitely sets it up for a sequel starring Alex Mercer, which is all that I could ask for. The last fight took me a good 3 tries due to a rather annoying and ill-placed time limit, but once I figured out a strategy that worked, I made quick work of the boss without any real trouble. Upon game completion and when the credits end, New Game+ and Hard mode are both unlocked and the city goes back to it's original state in Free Mode, with very few people infected. The developers most certainly know what gamers want out of a game, that's for sure, even if the ending was kinda' bad!

Next up: Chrissy. She literally moved to PA temporarily, after hanging out with several people and essentially ditching me once. That's 2 strikes in the time period of 1 week since we've been talking again. It'd be cool if she came back from PA soon so we can resume our friendship and see where it goes, but I suppose I'm honestly not all too worried about it. This is just a general update for the curious. For now, she's essentially gone. All she does is mopes and cries about her ex-boyfriend, anyway. She has nothing else to talk about and doesn't want to hear anything else I have to say.

Third and finally, for the time being: Kristy. We've been talking again, but it's nothing serious. She said she missed me and just continues to talk to me on a semi-daily and active basis. The conversations are very positive, but I'll have to keep my current/recent stance with her and keep reassuring her that I'm not interested in anything more than friendship. So long as I keep reminding her of that, things should be okay. If they get out of hand, she'll go right back to being out of my life.

Now that "Prototype" is done and over with, I don't feel as tied down. I felt compelled to play and finish that game before I went into anything else hardcore, for some odd reason. It's a fantastic game, but I don't feel like 100%ing it or anything. That's good news, though, as far as I'm concerned because now I can play anything I want without feeling tied down for the time being!

Wed. is the weekly $10 all you can drink night at Mac's here in Essex. I'm supposed to be hanging out there yet again and hopefully with a few somewhat new, yet familiar faces. I'm looking forward to that, as usual. It's a simple pleasure that keeps me looking forward to each new week. I wonder if that crazy Kim chick will be there again? We'll see, I guess! If she's there, it's going to be a long and crazy night.

I've been spending an awful lot of time with my best friend lately. We at least talk every day, but we hang out almost every night. We game, talk and just chill. It's really nice to have a friend like that; the feeling is mutual.

Anyway, I'm not feeling bottled up enough to unleash anymore stuff right now, so I'll drop some more stuff in this crazy blog another day. Take care! Steve out!


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