Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ramble ramble ramble

Well, I officially buried any remaining feelings for Chrissy and obtained a good bit of closure. Not only did I witness her acting like a douchebag and saying something mean right in front of my face to her friend, but I told her boyfriend some truths about her and she freaked out and played it off like they were lies, then told me to go fuck myself, all in one voice message. I deleted it and refused to respond to her. She also tried to write off how she treated me as a side effect of my "sleeping habits changing", which is a total lie because they were the same until she started being a cuntbag. It's pretty much that simple. I've concluded that she just isn't worth my time. Hence, closure has been reached and I must admit that I'm relieved to a certain extent. She acts like her shit doesn't stink, but it's not a privelege to have her in my life at all; quite the opposite. Life is much better without her, in truth and that realization has come.

I've also stuck to my plan to keep out of touch with both Kristy and Emily. I haven't heard from or made any efforts to contact Emily and Kristy has tried to contact me, but I've not responded at all. It's growing easier to cope with these changes as more time passes, but I still feel a mild degree of attachment to both of them yet. Still, I'm sticking to it and it's working, so I can't really complain.

I haven't talked to my "close" female cousin much recently. She's been busy with her other friends and her kid, now that she's been born and all of that. We're supposed to hang out and drink or something soon, but I'm not sure when or where, so there's not much to say about that.

I haven't talked to very many of my friends lately, but I'm trying my best to make an effort and include everyone. I'm trying to spread my time out between as many friends as I can, to let them know that I care about each and every one of them. I'm setting multiple series of plans up with different groups of friends, so we'll see how that works out!

My new Xbox 360 has been getting plenty of use with "Raiden Fighters Aces" and of course more "Forza Motorsport 2", which is getting closer every day to 100% completion. I've broken the 50 retail disc mark for Xbox 360 officially, too, so aside from the loss of my PS3, there's a lot of action on the gaming front. I believe there's a good bit of stuff being sent my way soon, too, so we'll see what the future holds on the gaming side of my life!

My bank account has been set to a positive number, but my credit card is still at $46 negative. They couldn't fix it for me, so I have to come up with money and pay that. The easiest way is to cancel NetFlix and my cell phone for a month, but that would suck balls. I may sell a game or two to make the cash up for the time being and call it even. I did cancel that card, though, so after this, there will be no more issues with that card. PayPal is also still negative, but that gets my attention after the rest of my credit issues are resolved. I'll figure something out soon, I hope.

The girl I currently find appealing is a bit odd lately. She doesn't seem very interested in me, although our friendship is pretty stable. We've never had an argument or a disagreement, although we've also not actually hung out without Chrissy. Still, I don't think it's a negative situation, so it's all good. I don't think I need a girlfriend right now, anyway; I'm perfectly content with being single. Love will find me, not the other way around!

With all of that junk out of the way, I guess the only other update I have is that I've been pretty bored lately. As many games as I have and as much as there is to do, I just don't feel like doing much stuff by myself. I constantly want positive attention from my friends, but I also like being home. I don't really know what it is, but I'm somewhere in limbo. Maybe I'm just burnt out. Perhaps I need a vacation! Not much longer and I'll have one of those!

I hung out with my Uncle recently. We just hung out at the house, ate, laughed a lot and then went to a Chinese buffet. There wasn't a lot going on, but I had fun while I was there and I got one of my games back. He's still borrowing one, but that's fine. I trust him. I just don't like being without any of my games. It feels odd, ya' know?

Anyway, I guess I'm done for now. Everything is off my chest for now. Hopefully I don't have another anxiety or panic attack. Steve out! Take care!


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