Monday, May 4, 2009

Recent developments

Today is a good day. I may be in pain, but it's for the best. Before I get into that, though, let's dig into my weekend.

The weekend that was supposed to be a glorious and seemingly never ending festival of fun, spread out between many events and activities, turned out to be the most boring weekend of 2009 thus far.

Weekend failure number one: My Uncle took two side jobs, so we didn't end up spending any time together at all this weekend, despite the fact that we were set to hang out both friday and saturday nights. He needs the money, so I understand, but it sucked anyway.

Weekend failure number two: One of my friends canceled the social gathering at her house due to rain and allergies. Again, I understand, but it still sucks! That woulda' been one hell of a fun gathering, for sure!

Weekend failure number three: The friend who canceled the gathering at her house and I tried to put together a gathering at a local bar that we frequent. The problem with that was that no one wanted to go out, which was quite odd for a saturday night. One person said he'd go out, but then never got back to me. Everyone else just outright said no or didn't respond. That ultimately led to a fairly boring night.

My weekend didn't turn out at all how it was originally planned. In spite of those failures, though, a few friends made it an entertaining weekend. I hung out with a buddy during most of the day on sunday, then one of my best friends came over later on that night and we hung out for a long while. We more or less just talked the entire time, but he's good company and we talked about any and everything, plus we played a little "Rock Band 2" and shared a few good laughs.

After all of that, I sent the official "goodbye note" to my ex-best female friend. As expected, she's in denial and tried to blame me, but whatever, such is life. And without farther adieu, that would be Chrissy. Chrissy, Emily and Kristy are all officially gone from my life as of today and now I can move on safetly. It stings a bit and I'll no doubt go through a period of recovery. I do miss them, mostly Chrissy, but just like everyone else tells me, they just aren't worth it. It's time to move on.

There's not much else to talk about, but I did get re-promoted back to L860 in Avatar. I made my official return, now that the ridiculous part of my life involving Kristy has come to an end. Until next time, Steve out! Take care!


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