Saturday, April 25, 2009


Between my Uncle and a bunch of my friends, I haven't really had a weekend at home to myself for about a month. That is by no means a bad thing and I've thoroughly enjoyed myself, but I'm officially broke, especially after the few recent purchases that I made.

Last night, I went out to a bar around here that I'd never previously been to. The place was all right, but most of the people there were a bit older, so the atmosphere was a little weird. There was a karaoke DJ there with a very nice selection, so our group made the place a lot better last night simply by singing better music and the best part is that all of us can sing well, so it didn't sound like shit. I received two phone numbers last night from friends I'd been meaning to get in touch with, drank a few beers, had a few shots and just generally had fun until we all parted ways for the night. My brother was inches away from getting lucky, but he intentionally didn't bring condoms just so it wouldn't happen. I think he's still somewhat strung out over his ex, which could prove to be a fatal flaw. He's already broke one girl's heart in the past because his ex came crawling back, so who's to say he wont do it again? Only time will tell, but I hope he has a clear mind going into this whole thing before he pisses off a lot of people, myself included.

During the previous week, I basically just sat around and played video games, talked to friends and relaxed. I did a fair bit of gaming for the sake of journalism, which almost always makes me happy. Lately, most games have been at least "okay", so there hasn't been a dull spot aside from the game "101 in 1: Explosive Megamix" for the Nintendo DS. Never fucking play that game. It's absolute garbage.

I've spent a lot of time talking with both of the ex-girlfriends who reappeared a while back. One of them is pretty accepting of our status, but the Australian is definitely somewhere in the middle. It hurts to talk to her to an extent and truthfully, I wish she would seal the deal and just leave me alone just to force me into a corner, so I can't talk to her anymore. That's not to say that I don't enjoy our time together; I do, very much. I just know that she's bad for me and if I let her pop back in and out of my life as she wishes, I'll never be able to get over her properly. Plus, she's been hell-bent on coming out here to visit me sometime within' the next year and she's been very interested in talking to and spending time with me. I don't know what her deal is, but I hope she figures it out. I'm tired of being left in the dark.

I was labeled as "The Ladies Man" in a friend of mine's MySpace picture. So I asked her about it and she genuinely thinks that of me, apparently. I was expecting something like "The Tall One" or "The Funny One", but nope! Me, of all people, right? I'm a ladies man. Apparently it's true, though. I've been going out so much with these people that they're rubbing off on me and it just boosts my confidence to such an extent that I let it all hang out. I go for the gold, to put it simply and it seems to be working just fine.

I have a few reviews to take care of, both of which I'll probably take care of today, but aside from that, I'm pretty sure that this entire week is completely free of work. I really wish that we were getting more stuff in, but hopefully it picks up soon. There's been a bit of a dry spot for us lately. Things are picking up slowly, but I just hope it keeps improving. We're hopeful, but ya' never know.

Next weekend, I'm crashing with my Uncle again, getting drunk as balls, gaming, going to see "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and then heading out to a cousin's birthday party at CiCi's Pizza. Yet another fun-filled weekend is on the horizon and this weekend isn't even over yet. Who knows what's in store for me tonight or tomorrow?! Hopefully something awesome!

I still haven't talked to my ex-best female friend. That title is official at this point, seeing as she makes no effort to keep in touch with or hang out with me. For someone who claims to be such a close friend, she sure does a bad job. The simple fact of the matter is that she lies all of the time. She has a serious problem and she needs to get it under control because it hurts people pretty badly, especially because she denies the lies almost every time, even with legitimate proof hanging in front of her face. She also doesn't care about many other people. She's very selfish and self-centered and I'm pretty sick of it. Even my family is pissed off at her, but whatever. I guess that chapter of my life has come to a close. I can hang out with people who actually want me around and make me feel like a human being, so it's all good!

The only other bit of news I have today is the list of games I recently picked up. Of these, I've played through several on PC and I've at least played the majority of the others, aside from three of them. Still, I missed having these games and now that I can afford to build a collection, I'm doing just that. 2 more games that I think are worth owning and I'll be at the 50 retail game mark for the Xbox 360! 87 for Xbox Live Arcade right now! It's time for a new hard drive, I think! Anyway, the games I picked up are as follows:

Condemned: Criminal Origins
Condemned 2: Bloodshot
Forza Motorsport 2
Infinite Undiscovery
Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Soul Calibur IV
The Last Remnant
The Orange Box
Unreal Tournament III

Not bad, huh? Considering I basically got half of these for free, thanks to the latest "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" used game sale at GameStop! Next purchase: 120GB HDD for the Xbox 360.

Anyway, there's absolutely nothing else to talk about right now, so I'm going to play a bit of those games I need to review and then perhaps get to the writing sometime today. In between all of that, I'll probably play a bit of MGS4 or "Haze" and maybe some more "Soul Calibur 4". For now, Steve out! Take care!


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