Sunday, April 12, 2009

Zombie Jesus Day

I may not be religious in any sense of the word, but Easter is one day that many people celebrate strictly because of the traditions that come with the day. As such, I celebrate it with an open mind and enjoy every second of time spent with my family throughout the day, even if I don't get along with some of them. I suppose that's normal; family is never perfect. Anyhow, today was eventful in several ways.

First, I was hung over as shit from my time last night at the bar. My brother paid for my "all you can drink" bracelet and I went nuts. You know that already, so I wont re-tell that story! But the hangover did make my day extremely rough for a good while. I had a splitting headache, the world was spinning a bit and my pupils were so fucked that my eyes burned every time any remotely bright shined towards them. I also only had around 5 hours to sleep, considering that I had trouble sleeping for a bit before I actually drifted away. My mother stormed upstairs and woke me up in time for Easter traditions, which meant I had to rush out the door for the trip to my grandmother's house. I had no time to change clothes, bathe or otherwise collect myself before we left. To put it lightly, it sucked balls.

Next, an ex-girlfriend of mine called me and we talked for a while. She was actually rather nice about it. She was making sure that I was okay after last night. Apparently the whole world knew that I was fucked up last night. Either way, we had a decent conversation before Easter dinner.

After that, I tore through two gigantic plates of absolutely delicious food. There were tons of options, so I just ate them all. Fuck choices, right? Who can make that kinda' choice, anyway?! During dinner, I was given a box of home made peanut butter fudge from my grandmother, as well as a few home made peanut butter eggs. Seeing as it's one of my Aunt's birthday, we also had some very delicious white cake with amazing vanilla icing.

When I finished tearing apart that massive amount of food, I called my ex-girlfriend back and we talked for around twenty more minutes. We just sorta' talked about my night, Easter and life. It was nice, for a change. I was happy to have a conversation with an ex-girlfriend who wasn't trying to get back together with me.

During all of this, I was also conversing with my Uncle and somewhat with other family members. We discussed video games, made some ridiculous jokes and hid the Easter eggs for the kids to find later in the day. They loved the hunt, of course, although it didn't last very long. One of my cousin's tried to cheat and I think it helped her a bit too much. She saw where we hid most of the eggs and went into the hunt acting a bit too greedy. We did try to re-hide some of the eggs, but I don't think those efforts helped very much.

Anyhow, my Uncle and I made plans for next weekend, talked about hanging out even more often and just generally bullshit our way through the day because we were otherwise pretty damn bored. We entertained each other pretty well.

Throughout the day, I also sent a bunch of text messages to the girl I'm trying to hook my brother up with. She's a really cool chick. I think she'd work well with my brother, although I'm not sure if she wants him as much as she wants me. I'm confused. She seems more into my personality, but more into his appearance. I don't really know what the hell is going on. I hope she doesn't try to date me. I may have to turn on dick mode to a mild extent just to make her lose interest in me if so. I don't want her going for me. The entire goal is to get her together with my brother! Such is life, I guess.

And that, friends, was my Zombie Jesus Day. Eventful, but rather serene overall. I'm feeling very good now, although very tired and still unbathed, but those are the next two things on my list of things to do. I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter. I leave you with this:

Cyanide & Happiness: Zombie Jesus Day

Steve Out! Take care!


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