Saturday, April 4, 2009

What an interesting turn of events!

The past few days have been interesting, to say the least; very spontaneous.

After April Fool's Day, I basically sat around doing absolutely nothing for a day. There wasn't much going on at all. I hadn't talked to very many people and I surely didn't do much gaming at all, aside from about two hours of "The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai". I've had nothing to review since the last batch and I needed a break from gaming after "Resident Evil 5" sucked the life out of me because I truly felt as though no other game could compare for a while. That phase is over for now, though and I've been starting to play my other games a bit more than usual as a side effect. I'm basically trying to feel each game in my collection out, in a sense, so that I can really figure out exactly what I'm in the mood for. I think I could use a little bit of "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" if my buddies ever log on, but they've been absent for a good while, so that simply isn't as enjoyable. "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" could be a safe bet, since I do own all of the DLC for Xbox 360 and I've only done everything in the PC version, which means I need my Xbox 360 achievements. That could take a while, though, although the achievement list is pretty easy to fill out. It's just a time consuming endeavor, that's all.

Anyway, the guy whom I usually ignore due to his disrespect for my things and selfish/pompous attitude came over during April 2nd, but we didn't really seem to enjoy each other's company very much. I kept getting on his case because he was, as usual, being disrespectful. I'm a neatfreak about my video game stuff and I like to take good care of my controllers, unlike most people, so they last a long time. Well, using this as an example, he was eating very greasy potato chips and using my limited edition red controller while doing so, which is a damn near brand new controller. I told him not to do that with any of my controllers, much less that one, but he didn't listen and said, "It'll be fine." and just kept on playing. I had half a mind to break his nose and throw him out, but I just waited until he left the following morning and wiped the controller down. Oh, and on that note, he's one of those people who "hits" buttons instead of "pressing" them and when he "hits" them, he does so really hard, so there's always a loud snapping sound. It's no wonder he breaks all of his god damn controllers so easily, but he always yells at me, making claims to that he doesn't hit the buttons that hard. Now you tell me, considering he breaks his controllers all of the freakin' time and complains about it, doesn't logic dictate that he doesn't fucking know how to take care of them? Whatever. The point is, he's a jackass and I don't want him over here for a long while...again.

What happened on April 3rd and most of April 4th was a half-direct result of my buddy being here, but also the result of my own conversation with an old DDR buddy of mine. My buddy and I were supposed to go to my old DDR buddy's place and hang out with the gay crowd, quite literally. Him and all of his friends are straight up gay and they even live in the gay district of Baltimore: Mt. Vernon. At any rate, my buddy went home instead and I went along with the gays for what was supposed to be a "Rock Band" party. I met a whole lot of new people while I was out there, all of whom were pretty cool and I also had the chance to get reacquainted with another old DDR buddy, whom was always a fantastic guy. He's hilarious and quite fun to be around. Before we went out there, though, we dropped my buddy off at his place because he was in the process of building up to a seizure and we wanted him to be in the comfort of his own home. He could have caught the bus and we were going to make him do that because he was being an asshole, but due to the whole epileptic seizure thing, we decided to drop him off at his place. Neither of us know how to handle a seizure situation, either, so it was best all around for him to be at home, where his room mates and girlfriend could take care of him if need be.

Once we arrived at Gary's place, I met his first room mate, whom we all call "Fairy Cakes" because he is, without a doubt, the "Queeniest" gay guy any of us have ever met. He's so gay, in fact, that the gay guys call him gay. He's a very nice guy and he means well, though, so whatever. After a while of playing around with "Rock Band" on my old DDR buddy's PlayStation 3, we went to hook up my Xbox 360 instruments because I brought it all with me. Little did I know, however, that my buddy who crashed here with me played "Rock Band 2" while I was asleep and didn't put the disc back in the case. Instead, it was sitting at home in my Xbox 360 console, which meant that I took all of my stuff to my old DDR buddy's place, we set it all up and were getting ready to rock out, but we were sorely disappointed. We played it for a brief while on Xbox 360, but eventually we unhooked it and Fairy Cakes went into his corner to fuck around on his computer while we played some "Beatmania IIDX" iterations. After a good while, Fairy Cakes left and went to handle a few things, so my old DDR buddy played some "Street Fighter IV" on his PlayStation 3 while I watched him both kick ass and lose for over an hour. Later, we left and went to pick up his other room mate, who is the exact opposite of Fairy Cakes because it's hard to tell that he's gay at all. His personality just seems more like a middle-aged nerd and he doesn't really have a "gay voice", "gay walk" or anything else like that. He's a normal nerdy dude that just so happens to like cock. From there, we grabbed the guy I got reacquainted with and met up with another one of my old DDR buddy's friends at a buffet by one of my local malls. I had no cash, so my old DDR buddy willingly paid for me. I'll get him back for it eventually, but I was hungry as shit and hadn't eaten anything at all throughout the day, so I pretty much had to accept it or simply not eat. We went back to my old DDR buddy's apartment after that, where Fairy Cakes and his two female friends were waiting for us. From there, we played "Rock Band" on the PlayStation 3 for a long time, but then the guy I got reacquainted with drank way too much and caused all sorts of drama. I honestly don't feel like explaining what happened because it's just too much bullshit, but the short version is pretty simple: He was fucking drunk as balls. He was being very obnoxious, got very angry over very stupid things and ultimately tried to leave on his own while in that state of mind. We turned off the video games and messed with a girl who was prank calling one of Fairy Cake's friends for a long while, but eventually we resolved everything with the drunk guy and went to bed. The next day was entertaining, although it was only the previously drunk guy, Fairy Cakes and the other friend of my old DDR buddy's sitting around and conversing. It was great conversation, but once they all left, I was alone for around an hour and a half. And before they left, everyone bought food, but because I'm currently broke, I couldn't afford to eat, so I was just counting the moments down until I could leave at that point. When my buddy came back from work, we waited for around 2 hours, after which he took me home.

I wound up on my doorstep around 5PM, after which I made some food and went upstairs to my room. I was winding down for the most part and while I did turn on the Xbox 360 for a good hour or so of "Rock Band 2" with both the guitar on expert difficulty and the microphone on medium difficulty, at the same time of course. I talked to my Uncle on the phone for a bit, then eventually fell asleep. I took some Aspirin, drank a bottle of Mountain Dew, used my Albuterol USP inhaler and popped three Diphenhydramine pills. See, the problem here is that I took Aspirin a good while before using the other medication, which means my blood was very thin, so the medication was effectively twice as potent from that alone. When you factor in the caffeine from the Mountain Dew, it's disgusting. I was tired as shit and could barely move once the Diphenhydramine kicced in and my heart was racing so fast that I felt like I was going to die. It sucked, but hey, you live and you learn, right? No more Aspirin for me unless I absolutely need it for something very specific.

I've been quite entertained for the past few days, but damn! This has been one hectic weekend! I talked to my supposed best female friend a bit, as well as the girl I could potentially like and we're all supposed to hang out again soon, but I don't know if that will even work out. It depends on my funds and if they keep in touch. My supposed best female friend stopped responding out of nowhere again and the girl I could potentially like is camping, so she's too busy to actively converse, which led me to the conclusion that I should leave her be until she's back at home.

All told, it's been an interesting time and I've learned a lot about the gay community of Baltimore, but a few things still bother me. I haven't heard much from either of my ex-girlfriends, both of which are off doing their own thing. My Australian ex-girlfriend hasn't dropped by to say anything to me for about a week now, which is odd for her, but I suppose it's for the best. As for my other ex-girlfriend, she's busy fucking around with this guy she knows, but she doesn't want any sort of relationship with him. She's still being flirty with me and the rest of the world, plus she's still as slutty and funny as ever. She makes me laugh and I do enjoy my conversations with her, but for the love of all that is holy, I wish she'd stop saying that she loves me. When I don't say it back, she flips out on me. It drives me nuts, but whatever.

I'm going to go play some of "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" until I get bored, so I'll be back with more updates another time. Take care!


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