Thursday, March 5, 2009

Busy day!

Today, I slept for a good nine and a half hours or so. When I woke up, I received an urgent text message from my close female cousin and after briefly texting her back and forth, I rushed to get ready so that I could go over to her place and fix her computer. Long story short, there wasn't much wrong with it, but she needed me to install some things for her, which is a bit on the bullshit side, to be completely honest. It was five hours of work that she could have easily done on her own with minimal help from me. After that, one of my best friends picked me up and took me to "Buffalo Wild Wings" with him, as is becoming the tradition every thursday. We had a good time, talked a bit, shared some laughs and played some Texas Hold'em on the video game TV things they have there. After that, I came home and rushed up to my room, where I opened and put in "Star Ocean: The Last Hope" for the first time. As I was doing so, I was immediately invited to a party with a friend, whom talked my ear off for a bit, then my other buddy joined us, who is still talking to me as I write this. After about an hour and a half of that, I put in "Bully: Scholarship Edition" for some good ol' fun. I'm still playing that right now because if I get into "Star Ocean: The Last Hope" anymore tonight, I seriously wont sleep. I'll probably start playing it tomorrow morning and let it be more or less my entire plan until the end of the weekend, unless my best friend, her boyfriend and the girl I could potentially like come over saturday night for some fun in honor of my best friend's boyfriend's birthday. I do have to review the game honestly, after all, so I have to put a lot of time into it. So, moving onwards, I still haven't received any sort of response or word from my Australian ex-girlfriend, which leads me to believe that she's just going to avoid me for a while, then act like nothing's wrong. When she does that, I'll throw it back in her face and walk away because that's an extremely immature way of handling things. If she wants immature, I'll give her immature; a taste of her own medicine, if you will. She needs to hear that, I think, even though she wont see it that way. That's about all there was to the day, honestly and I'm done for now. Not a lot of serious eventful things went on, so for now, this is Steve out. Take care!


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