Monday, March 2, 2009

Lame writing...

Whatever you'd like to call it, I wrote this when I was zoned out about 15 minutes ago. I think it's pretty lame in the overall scope of things, but whatever. It's pretty generic and you've seen this before a million times, but I guess it doesn't really matter, honestly. It's about an ex-girlfriend who I've been thinking a lot about, but I know I shouldn't be dwelling on this. It's history for a reason, after all. I guess I've just been thinking a whole lot about my entire life, really and this made me write generic poetry for whatever reason, so here it is. I call this one, simply put, "Heart".

At the top of the world, a young man cries,
For he has nothing to claim as he slowly dies.

You see, a long time ago the young man had hope,
A beautiful angel had his heart on a rope.

This story is a classic and you've heard it before,
But every time you hear it, you feel it some more.

The young man's love was flourishing for a girl,
He gave out his heart and she took him for a whirl.

He was blissfully happy with a constant smile,
If she said walk, he'd run a mile.

Through his eyes, he needed no one else around.
He had his angel lifting him up high off the ground.

One day, the girl started to change.
The boy took notice and felt the pain.

He felt a sting in his chest that he'd never felt before,
The girl just didn't care anymore.

Once a beautiful angel, she was an empty shell.
Not knowing what hit him, the boy was living in hell.

She broke his heart and set him on fire,
She proved to him that she was a serious liar.

Burned alive, the boy faded away, but he never forgot
The angelic woman who tied his heart in a knot.

Now a mere glimmer of life in a world full of hate,
The soul of the boy started to shimmer away.

As the lifeless dot started to disappear,
An angelic voice whispered near.

It was the beautiful voice of a love once lost,
Her once-beating heart had turned to frost.

An icy queen of the demons inside of his head,
Before the boy died, there was only one thing said.

"My beautiful angel, forget me not. I truly forgive you and I miss you a lot.
I'll always love you, my icy queen and when I fade away, you'll remain as my dream."

This concludes the story of the dead young man,
Who's emotions were stirred up like food in a pan.

Take this as a lesson and laugh it up,
Shed your tears and save them in a cup.

Those tears are memories of a much worse time,
When someone you loved perfected a crime.

Things will get better when you remove that hook,
Take of those rose-colored glasses and take a look.

The deepest emotions will stick like a wart,
But you can't have love without a heart.

And there you have it! I hope you didn't get too bored by my generic zoned out writings! Haha. Anyway, good night! Take care!


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