Sunday, March 22, 2009


No intro. Jumping right in. I'm frustrated and I just need to vent...

My Australian ex-girlfriend contacted me again and is being a lot nicer, but things wont change. I know better. She's around all day, but decides to drop by for ten minutes every so often and then she'll take off like nothing happened. I'm like a fallback plan for when she's bored or just needs an outlet to entertain herself while she waits a few moments for something. It's really starting to piss me the fuck off.

This right here is the "WTF?" part. The other one of my ex-girlfriends who's been talking to me a lot apparently isn't as okay with just being friends as I thought she was. She's also not as mentally stable as I thought she was. She's been mad at the world and depressed for no reason and has let all of her frustration out on me. It's like I've become her punching bag and I'm a bit annoyed by it because she's at fault for her problems, not the other people that she keeps placing the blame on. It's her own fault and she's just crazy as fuck and wont admit it when she's done something wrong. She can't handle the truth. Anyway, I wasn't a blunt dick about it and I didn't even tell her what I thought to that extent. I simply told her that she should wait, sleep on it, relax and talk about it with all involved parties before coming to any sort of real conclusions and she freaked out on me, claiming that the wording of everything left it open for a completely negative reaction, when in reality it wasn't all that bad. We eventually stopped discussing stuff because she wasn't being very open or friendly today anyway, so I went out to The DuClaw with my uncle, had a few beers and was feelin' rather good. I got back my "Midnight Club: L.A." and lent him "Dead Rising". I hate lending out games, but it's okay in his case. I'll get it back whenever I want it, to tell you the truth. It's other people that I worry about. I want my "Fallout 3" back. I miss it. I want to play it. Anyhow, after all of that shit, I called this ex-girlfriend for a moment and tried talking to her. Mid-sentence, she interrupts me and says, "I love you." So naturally, I was thinking "Wait, WHAT?" and I said that, but then I said, "Wait, are you sure? Seriously? Are you drunk or something?" and yeah, that's harsh, but I was in denial. I don't want her to feel that way about me, but I also don't want her saying things that she doesn't mean, so she hung up on me and sent me a message that said, "That hurt." So I went on to clarify, asked her about it and tried to find out how she meant it. Her words went something like, "Can't you just accept it and tell me that you love me, too? Does it matter how I mean it? If you mean it in any way at all, just say it." I explained my reasoning and I drilled her to clarify, but the conversation ended more or less with me apologizing if I made her feel bad, followed by her saying that she's very "fragile" right now and can't handle the questions. She went on to say that she's always loved me, that I've always been in her heart and that she "submitted" those feelings into friendship, in her own words. I don't really get it, but either way, that shit is crazy and it's been bothering me all day.

After that, I slept for around 3 hours. This is when the stuff with my Australian ex-girlfriend happened. I played "Star Ocean: The Last Hope" for around an hour, as well as a few random Xbox Live Arcade games, including "Pac-Man Championship Edition", "Pac-Man (Original arcade version)" and "Final Fantasy: Crystal Defenders". I talked to a friend of mine over Xbox Live, whom I also talked to over the phone earlier in the day for a short while. I got in touch with a close friend of mine, who finally picked up "Resident Evil 5" and is close to finishing it. He may even be at the end, but I'm not entirely too sure. The last time I checked, he was on 5-3 or 6-1 and I don't think he's still logged in, so I'm not sure. A friend and I finished our Professional mode achievement together earlier today, which officially sets us both at 1,000/1,000 gamerscore for the game. When the DLC pack comes out, we'll definitely be boosting our scores up to 1,250/1,250 for the sake of staying on top of the RE5 achievement chain.

Anyway, I'm done for now and I think it's time for some porn. Until next time, Steve out. Take care!


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