Friday, March 20, 2009

History repeats itself, full circle...

I guess it's true. History does repeat itself and nothing can really stop it from happening. We just have to learn from our mistakes, correct them and avoid the same patterns in the future. That's a lesson of life, I guess and we're all expected to learn it. After that whole "Resident Evil 5" fiasco, my ex-girlfriends returning for all sorts of random reasons and stuff with my family, it's no surprise that yet another recurring theme of my life has shown it's ugly face again. To explain this quickly, my best female friend has went through spurts where she'll talk to me very randomly, stop hanging out as much and all of that other random stuff. That's just how she is. However, ever since she started seeing her current boyfriend about five months ago, she only really hangs out with one or two other people. I've spent less and less time with her and she never calls me. She even ignores 98% of my text messages and outright avoids responding to serious stuff most of the time. When I actually bring issues to her attention, she just blames me or acts like a simple apology will fix everything, but this time, that's not how this is going to work. I love her like a sister, but despite that, I'm going to stop chasing her around and begging her for attention. A friend shouldn't have to do that. That's ridiculous and I'm sick of it. I'm hurting really bad over this bullshit and while I did bring this to her attention, I know that she's not going to come around. She'll see me as the "bad guy", badmouth me and make the situation sound in such a way to her friends that I'm at fault for everything. She'll leave out all of the good things I've done, how hard I've tried to get her attention and all of the times I've been there for her. I guess some people never change, no matter what happens. There's no way out of this one. As much as I care about her, I have to let her go. If she really cared about me, I guess I wouldn't be forced to try so hard for an ounce of her attention. She claims she cares about me, but I guess the truth is out. I'm done with it...

Before I go to sleep, though, I need to talk about two more things: My close female cousin and my "Resident Evil 5" foundation.

My close female cousin has been practically begging me to spend time with her, but there are two main problems with that. First, if she doesn't want to play "Resident Evil 5". She wants to force me to play it, beat her game for her and "watch" me play it. She says she's a die-hard fan, got an Xbox 360 for the game and doesn't want to play it? Sounds like she's a poser who wants attention to me. That aside, the other problem is that I just haven't been enjoying myself when I spend time with her unless her other friends are around. She's boring as shit. She doesn't seem interested in doing anything to entertain her guests and she makes me do shit for her all of the time, even down to throwing trash away. All of that is a pain in the ass, but even if I did go over there, I'd need to fix my sleeping schedule. I've been going to sleep at 2-4PM, which is absolutely outrageous and I know it very well. I honestly don't even like my sleeping schedule as it is, but it's so hard to fix it this time. I'm trying, but it's not working out very well.

I contacted Capcom's tier 3 tech support about my "Resident Evil 5" save file problem, which seems to be more and more widespread by the day, but they've yet to respond to anyone about the issue, which obviously includes me. I wound up deleting the corrupted save file and started completely over from scratch. I didn't want to abuse any glitches the first time, but I earned my fucking stripes, so I decided to speed up the process of recovering what I had before. I used the "rotten egg" glitch to make shitloads of cash and I used the difficulty glitch to unlock the "Professional" difficulty without having to complete Veteran. This saves me from having to beat Normal and Veteran. I can instead grind 1 level rapidly on Veteran for maximum efficiency, max out everything in the exchange shop, then head off to do Professional. This saves me a shitload of time and ultimately, I can be back where I was in a day, easily. The only annoying and upsetting part about this now that it's all said and done is that I have to redo all of Mercenaries again. It's so fun to play, but it's a pain in the ass to do some of the missions with an A ranking without some work. Also, redoing "Savannah" on Professional is going to suck. I spent 2 hours on that level alone and finally, one of my other cousins decided to give it a shot and after some good teamwork and a lot of deaths, we got lucky and beat it, so you can imagine that I'm not very happy about having to go through that again. I'll also go through Normal and Veteran again sometime soon for the shit of it, just to have the grade markers. Anyway, I've calmed down and I'm not as frustrated about it anymore. Once I've worked myself back to the same point again, I'll surpass my old scores and such and I'll be happy again.

Anyway, I'm done for now. This is one hella depressed Steve down for the count. Take care!


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