Friday, January 30, 2009

The beginning of a hopeful weekend...

I don't know what just yet, but sick or not, I'm setting something up this weekend. I don't know what, but I need to spend time with my friends. The girl I like is always babysitting and when she's not doing that, she's always doing something else that doesn't involve me. I'm pretty sure it's a lost cause, so I need to just try my best to let it go, as hard as that may be. Anyway, the point of that is this: She's not coming to hang out this weekend at all. It's like she's prepared to counter my invites for the next year. It's ridiculous. I'll never understand girls like that. She says all of these nice things to me and always likes hanging out with me when other people are around, but she avoids being alone with me and no matter what she says, she counters it all with contradictive actions. Whatever, though. I need to look towards the future, be happy and just keep my game on. By that I mean I have a shitload of games to finish and I'm slowly burning through the pile. My new Devil May Cry 4 save file should be finished on both easy and normal modes by the end of this weekend; perhaps maybe even tonight if nothing else happens. After that, I'll finish Dead Space, which should be one good 5-6 hour sitting. From there, I don't know what I'll play. I need to look at the stack of games and see what I'm farther into. Anyway, today is boring and I feel a little better, but I'm going to go take a bath and figure out what the hell I'm doing today, if anything. I'll be back later for more! Take care!


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