Thursday, January 22, 2009

Work, work, work!

As predicted, my cousin and my aunt arrived a slight bit after 11AM. From there, we stopped by Taco Bell, where my aunt bought us all lunch. I had a delicious 1/2 pound beef & potato burrito and a tall cup of ice cold water. From there, it was a steady and safe early trip to their home. After we got there, I chilled out for about an hour, then I really got put to work. What was supposed to be a re-wiring job turned into a huge series of crazy errands, back-breaking work and tons of reorganization. They led me to believe that this job was far easier than it turned out to be. I was told it would take me "20 minutes at most". 20 minutes my ASS! My cousin kept making me do stupid errands that she could have easily done herself and because I'm far too nice, I kept doing them for her. But I regress, as this long day has come to an end and I can finally relax. Plus, I DID get 2 free computer towers and a computer monitor out of it. I can use those to build a single working tower, I'm sure and give it to someone in need of a computer (whom does not currently own one at all; not just an upgrade). I haven't received many responses from people today and the girl I like has yet to say anything to me, but that concludes this post. I might update again later if I do anything else before I crawl into bed and pass out. Take care!


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