Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For better or for worse

The rest of the day was rather uneventful, but I do have a few things to share. I decided against trading my games in to GameStop and if I get rid of them at all, it'll be through eBay or Amazon. I set up plans to hang out with one of my friends and two of his own friends who came down from Virginia, but I'm too tired to hang out. They took way, way too long to get down here, so they're just going to hang out with the mutual friend in this situation at his place. Instead, I spent over three hours helping two of my closer friends farm coffer keys in FFXI. The Kuftal Tunnel key dropped somewhat quickly, but after over two hours, the Quicksand Caves key still hadn't dropped and I lost my connection to the game, so I just said "Forget about it." and came to write this blog before bed. About an hour after we started our key hunt, something interesting, but also exciting happened. The girl I like sent me a text message that said she was sorry because she wasn't ignoring me, but she'd just been busy. There had been personal issues keeping her busy, which we discussed thoroughly for a little while before she headed off to bed. I kept my cool and reassured her that everything is okay, told her that there's no reason for her to be sorry and wished her sweet dreams. All's well that ends well and while today was an uneventful day, I'd say it wasn't a bad day. My recently diagnosed anxiety has been trying to kick in all night, but I've kept it under control thus far. Let's hope it stays that way long enough to fall asleep without having an anxiety attack. I'm off to get a drink, maybe hop in for a quick bath and then get some sleep. Good night!


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