Monday, January 19, 2009

A bit disappointed..for now

I was supposed to spend time with several friends tonight. Along with those friends, there was a chance that the girl I like would show up, too. My friends have all bailed out, though and all of my failsafes and backup plans didn't work out. On top of that, it's far too cold for me to just go walk around. The snow didn't stick either, so I can't go do stupid things in the snow. People seem reluctant to speak with me tonight, so I guess this is going be a lonely indoor night.
Mom was also being extremely rude today. I was doing absolutely nothing to anyone. I was minding my own business, trying to send a few text messages out and eating a bowl of cereal and she started screaming at me and threw out some crazy deep rooted insults for absolutely no reason. It's ridiculous, but this is a regular occurance.
I wont let something as trivial as these things drag me down, but I surely wish that I could find someone cool to do something social with on this ever so cold monday night. For now, I'll just get lost in music, catch up on some Dexter and maybe end the night with some FFXI. Maybe I'll get a response from someone, though. Who knows? Take care guys. I might be back for a third round later tonight!


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