Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting better...

I've probably just jinxed it, but I seem to be on my way to recovery from this god damn flu. I've been sick as shit for over a week and it's just getting old. All I've been doing is thinking, sleeping, playing games and beating my dick a lot. Today I played more Devil May Cry 4. I'm up to mission 11 on both Human and Devil Hunter modes, so I'm just about to start playing as Dante again. About god damn time, I must say! He's SO fun to play as in Devil May Cry 4, even though you don't get to play as him for all that long! Still, he rocks and he can be used for Bloody Palace, so all is well! Anyway, I also downloaded a few PSX games I missed having, such as Parasite Eve, Breath Of Fire IV and a bunch of others. Other than that, I honestly haven't done much of anything today. I woke up around 3PM and just haven't felt like doing much. I did an E3 dose via I-Doser, which fucked me up pretty bad for maybe 20 minutes after the dose was finished, but that's about it. Maybe I'll figure out something to do before the night is over, but it's too late to get anything real going tonight, so it'll probably be another all-night gaming marathon. That's it for now. Steve out! Take care!


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