Monday, January 26, 2009

Sick, sick, sick!

So, I basically slept all day today, aside from about 45 minutes of partying in FFXI as my Ranger, which hit level 65 tonight. I pulled a classic "fake disconnect" maneuver about 5 minutes afterI leveled because the party leader was a jackass with his head so far up his own ass that he could definitely taste his own shit. Anyway, the girl I like didn't respond all day until about 10 minutes ago when I sent her a brief "I hope you're okay! Sweet dreams!" message. Her phone had been dead. It's charged now, but she's going to sleep because she has school tomorrow, so there wont be any conversation tonight. I'm a bit disappointed that she made no effort to contact me throughout the day. We were supposed to hang out and while I'd of said no because I'm sick as shit anyway, it's the thought that counts. She basically ditched me all day and left me hangin', as they say. Such is life. I'm being played with, I know it and I'll probably continue to let this happen until my heart is inevitably broken all over again. It's my own fault at this point and I know it. Whatever, though. But on a random (weird) note, I haven't had the urge to play many games lately at all. I have a ton of them that I've left incomplete and I really enjoy every single one of them, but for some reason, even when I get the craving and urge to play one of them, I just can't get the nerve to do so. It's like they're sitting there, making fun of me for all of the money I threw away on my gigantic stack of Xbox 360 games that I just don't ever make use of, yet I can't get rid of them. I'm far too attached. I keep thinking that I'll get around to playing them all "one of these days". We'll see, I guess. The medicine is kicking in full-force again, though, so it's about that time again. Take care!


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