Monday, January 19, 2009

The way the night turned out...

Well, I never did get a response from the girl I like. I wont fret over it because it could be any number of reasons, but in truth I suspect that she's with the other friend who bailed out on me, whom I suspect is completely and utterly faking sick. I don't really mind it, but I wish they'd just be honest about it, ya' know? That's the only part that causes potential pain. I wont let it bother me. Tonight is a sort of free pass. I wont fret over it. I'll wait it out and see what happens. No reason for me to worry over dumb shit, after all.
On that note, one of my best friends came through for me and is crashing here tonight. We loaded up on liquor and beer for a night filled with drunken stupidness. We played some Perfect Dark Zero, watched some Family Guy and who knows what else is going to happen from this point and on?
And in an unexpected turn of events, a cousin of mine who is an outcast of the family sent me a friend request on MySpace. I'm actually rather happy about it because I've always thought much higher of her than others have. I think she's a fun girl and I enjoy spending time with her, although it's been several years since the last time we've really spent time together. She's an entertaining, funny and silly girl when she wants to be.
After I eat my Domino's, I wont be on here for the rest of the night, but I guess the night turned out okay. I'm disappointed in my friends and the girl I like, but I wont let it bother me. Thanks for reading. Take care.


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