Friday, January 23, 2009

Finishing what I started

The only thing I've done all day since my last post is watch the remaining episodes of Dexter. That's a total of 9 full episodes after I came home. I was exhausted before, running on very little sleep on top of a full day of harsh work, but now I'm so tired that my body almost feels numb. However, I couldn't resist a quick post before bed. As season 3 of Dexter played out before my eyes, I cried profusely at the end of nearly episode from 4-12. This is the first night for at least 7 years that I've shed enough tears that they drip down my face. You see, I have some medical condition that I always forget the name of; my eyes have trouble producing tears. When I cry, it's usually not even noticed by most people because there aren't any visible tears. Tonight, however, the tears were flowing like a calm stream down my face. It felt good to let it all out like that for a change, even if it was only because of a television show. It made me realize that I honestly need to cry more. I need to force myself into it, even if it just means watching extremely sad shows sometimes. Otherwise, I let it build up to such an extent that I damn near lose my mind. It's just not healthy to let all of that emotion build up for so long. Anyway, there's not much else to say right now. I had a few dreams last night, although all I remember about them are the general concepts and vague imagery. The first dream was about me grabbing a job as a bigwig in the gaming industry under the Atlus company name. The second dream was about an ex-friend of mine coming to live out here and weird stuff happening. The third and final dream was about the girl I like and I actually having a relationship together. All three dreams were quite powerful, as I recall it. I just wish that I could remember more. Anyway, it's 6AM and I'll have been awake for a full day in 3 hours, so I need to get some rest. Good night, BlogSpot! Take care!


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