Saturday, January 24, 2009

Random afternoon jumble - recap of last night

So, the friend who came over last night arrived practically on time, which is a first for me in a long time. People are almost always late these days. When he arrived, we basically just chilled in the living room for about an hour before we went up to my room and just talked. I helped him install FFXI with the free CDkey and month trial I had, then we both set up good ol' Diablo II and played that for about 45 minutes. We honestly didn't do much, but I had fun. I hope he did, too, although I'm not too sure to be completely honest, given that it was so late, there wasn't much to do and my room is so small that we didn't have a lot of room to do anything else. We started watching "Walk Hard", but we both fell asleep within the first 15 minutes or so of the movie. Eventually I just went up to bed, where I had a lot of trouble sleeping because Josh and I both caught some sort of terrible cold. Right after Pneumonia, too; Go figure! I only had about 4 real hours of sleep last night and I feel like shit, but I'll live. Anyway, the girl I like and I also talked for a while. She said she missed me again, we talked about the concept of "us" and she eventually lost signal. I know this because I received 4 copies of the exact same message around noon today in response to a message I sent before I told her good night, which she also did not respond to. I'm not sure if the signal problem was on her end or mine, but it was at such a bad time. Anyway, she didn't really make any comments about wanting to be with me this time. She just sort of said it didn't bother her that I felt the way that I do and that was it. I guess it's a start, but we'll see what happens. I invited her to hang out 5 times so far and she's been unable to come every time. I realize that she's a family woman and is constantly doing things with them, plus she has school, work and other things to tend to; she babysits a lot, for example. Still, the only reason we haven't spent time together, I'm sure, is the fact that she just isn't ready to try for this full-force. She may be afraid of what her parents will say or any number of other things, ya' know? I completely understand those fears because I'm a bit scared myself, but I just hate playing cat and mouse. I just want things to be okay. I want to know how this is going to go down. I guess I'm asking for too much, but god damn I wish I had the power to control time! Anyway, I'm off to go make something to eat, fill my body up with water, take some medicine and if I get around to it, I'll get some rest. My cousin was supposed to come hang out today, but that's not happening now that I'm sick again. Take care!


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