Saturday, January 24, 2009

Still confused

The girl I like is so weird. I just don't get it. One minute, she doesn't want anything to do with me, then the next she makes a fair effort to give me some sort of attention. It's back and forth constantly and I have no idea how to handle it. Mixed signals is a normal thing between two people potentially looking to be together, but this is absurd! Anyway, I hope she realizes how much I care about her. I also hope that she genuinely cares about me and is willing to really give this a try instead of avoiding it and running away. I know it's all based around her own personal fears and nervousness, but really it's either we go for it or we don't. Beating around the bush forever is just going to waste both of our time. I wish she'd just tell me that she either wants to be with me or she doesn't. One way or the other, I'd rather know what she wants so I can wrap this up and move on from this ever-lingering subject. Anyway, I played FFXI for a few hours today and ate a big plate of KFC food. That was pretty much my entire day. In FFXI, I did the usual three rounds of Moblin Maze, helped a friend of mine with his second limit break quest and gained almost 2 full levels on my Ranger job, which is overhalfway to level 65 now. As it stands, I'm waiting for another friend of mine to get dropped off so we can hang out and be nerds for a few hours. Hopefully the night will become more eventful when that happens. He's an awesome guy and he always means well, so I'm sure he'll be the man for the job! For now, take care!


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