Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History in the making

Ah, January 20, 2009. Today is one of the most exciting days in American history. I'm happy to be a part of this historical day in the USA. Not only do we have our first black president in office, but this is the beginning of the real cleanup process. The things Bush did totally screwed our country up and even had a massive negative impact on other countries, but I believe in Obama. I believe that he can and will take the right steps to start repairing our country. This is the beginning of a new world for us Americans.
In other news, my friend left early this afternoon. We had an okay time, but I can't shake the feeling that he only came over because he felt bad for me. His general attitude and personality just gave off that impression, but I guess I appreciate the sentiment. He was just trying to make me feel a little better and he did the job; he's a good friend. After he left, I came up with the idea that I might get rid of a massive portion of my video games. I rarely, if ever play most of the games that I own. I love most of them to death and it's hard to part with such a good collection, but they're only collecting dust, taking up space and declining in value. I'm deciding if I feel like going the eBay route again or if I just want to do it the quick way and drop the games off at GameStop for a quick fix of new games, but this idea is still up in the air. Every game I'd keep is something that I play on a semi-regular or regular basis with my friends; the fun stuff, such as Call of Duty 4 and Left 4 Dead. I wont get rid of the games I actually play. This is a very difficult choice, though and I'm still in limbo. I've chosen 18 out of my 32 games and of the remaining 14, only a handful of them get real attention. I'm debating if I should just throw in the towel and get rid of EVERY Game that I don't play, no matter how much attachment or history I have with them. I certainly could use the room and either cash or something like a new PSP or a newer model of the Nintendo DS Lite, so it's not a complete waste, but it's just such a hard thing to do for a hardcore gamer, ya' know?
On one final note before I take off for now, I'm doing a free service for a family member on Thursday morning. I hate waking up early, but it's family, so I'm making an exception. They've asked me to clean up and resort their collection of computer stuff. There's a large amount of unused cables and they have no idea which ones go where, so I have to step in for an hour or so and do the job for them. I don't tell them frequently, but I do love my family and things like this are my way of showing it when I get the chance. I'd never charge a family member for my services.
Take care. Steve out.


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