Thursday, January 22, 2009

Way too early

I am SO not used to being awake this early anymore. I had a hell of a time forcing myself to get any amount of sleep at all last night in preparation for today's venture to my cousin's place, but I was awake and ready by 9:15AM. I had an alarm set AND two people calling me to make sure I was awake, but I was awake before the alarm even went off. I've been ready and waiting since then. They were set to be here at 10:00AM, but it's 10:47AM as of this writing and they're still not here. Chances are, it wont be until 11:00AM or even later that they show up. This should not be the case, given that I'm doing them a free service that is probably going to take a few hours and would most definitely cost a pretty penny if someone else was doing it for them. If you're going to be an hour late, tell me in advance. Don't just disappear and expect me to be okay with that when I'm going out of my way to help you. When I', giving up sleep and waking up early as hell just for you, don't stiff me like that. To me, this is offensive and quite disrespectful, especially because it involves family. I wont let it bother me, but for the moment I'm annoyed at how crappy some people can be. Oh and the girl I like "forgot" about me and got "distracted" yesterday, supposedly. She seemed rather uninterested in talking to me and also did not respond to my "Good morning." text today, which is rather unusual of her. The vote is in and I'm pretty sure that I need to step back, clear my head and stop trying so hard for her. I'll just start letting things happen. If she doesn't care enough to let it progress, that's all on her. I've done my part and I can't do anymore until she shows some initiative, assuming she's really interested at all. More random jumble later, but for now, I'm going to take off, relax and cross my fingers that they get here soon. Take care.


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