Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Annoying, but eventful day.

Well, there's some good news, but also some bad news. My new power supply arrived and after fiddling with it, running tests and losing my mind because I thought it was dead on arrival, everything runs fine. My nVidia GeForce GTX 280 runs smooth as day, doesn't overheat and doesn't stutter at all with every setting in every game jacked up to max. I had "F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin" running at over 60FPS with everything maxed out at 1440x900 and that game is beautiful. It's quite cutting edge and unlike the first game, it's very well-made and optimized to utilize modern hardware to the fullest extent, which means extremely smooth gameplay with this beastly video card. There's one problem: PhysX is slow as shit. I don't know what the deal is, but even with the latest patch for "Mirror's Edge" direct from EA and the settings tweaked properly so that the GPU handles everything, the framerate just drops to unplayable rates when PhysX is turned on. Every other game runes flawlessly, but there's gotta' be something wrong with my GPU's PPU or something. I'm going to try uninstalling and reinstalling everything video card-related using driversweeper and see if that helps, but honestly, it may just be my processor bottlenecking my GPU, which means I need a new motherboard and a new processor at some point. I guess that's next on the computer part list. Such is life. Anyhow, I also paid back a friend and saw that I have two of the four overdraught fees reversed. This means that half of the money problem is resolved, but the rest wont be reimbursed. Still, I'll wind up with about $100 in my pocket after paying people back after this is all over, thanks to those reimbursements. It's much more than I thought I'd end up with, so I guess my buddy and I are going for one hell of a night out on the town, tab on me. I owe him that much for doing me such a favor, despite having cut him such an absurd deal on my old GPU and power supply as is on top of paying him back what I owed him in two days flat. He burned me a movie, on that note! It's called "Repo The Genetic Opera" and it sounds absolutely insane in a lovely, fucked up kinda' way. I'm going to sit down and watch it later or perhaps sometime tomorrow, depending how late I manage to stay up tonight. I've had a weird discomforting stomach ache all day and I just don't feel right. Something's wrong and I don't know what it is, but it's definitely physical. I could just be getting sick again. We'll see, I suppose. I talked to the girl I like for a short while today. Things went well, albeit rather brief and to-the-point. We may be going for a walk tomorrow afternoon or evening just to burn some calories and talk for a while. That could be cool, provided she's actually talkative and into it for a change. I'd enjoy that. My Australian ex-girlfriend dropped by for a total of three minutes, then logged out. I missed my chance to see her tonight, unless she drops by before I go to bed. I was actually looking forward to it, provided tonight is another hilarious and entertaining evening with her. Otherwise, she'll just end up quiet, emotionless and somewhat rude. She seems rather two-faced at times. Oh, before I forget, I tried some of my friend's Xbox 360 cake. It was pretty good, although the icing didn't set too well with me, but that's more of a personal preference; not a direct flaw. His girlfriend did a terrific job making that thing and I was floored when I saw it. Also, I've had nothing to eat today aside from a slice of the Xbox 360 cake and hunk of the Rice Krispy treat controller, so I'm pretty god damn hungry, but I have no appetite. A friend of mind suggested that it may be heartbreak. Could she be right? I don't know, but something's going on and I don't like it. For now, I'm done. Good night. Take care.


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