Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another day, another blog...

Aside from the usual nonsense, today is probably going to involve the shortest blog post I've written yet. I watched 2 episodes of Family Guy, talked to a bunch of friends, went out to Friendly's with my best friend and her boyfriend, which I paid for and had a decent phone conversation with someone that I haven't spoken to for about a month because she was away for school. After all of that, I cried for a while, had some seriously fucked up thoughts, made myself even more depressed about this whole situation and filled out the first 5 surveys that I saw on MySpace as a "ONE NIGHT ONLY" thing. I don't get into surveys, but I figured I'd do it for the hell of it just for today. Oh, I also ordered a system selector that supports up to 4 consoles, so I can now officially fix my PS3 audio and video problem, as well as keep the DreamCast hooked up! Now, though, I'm off to sleep. Sweet dreams guys! Sorry for the uneventful blog, but I'm exhausted and I just don't have much to report. I feel dead inside. Take care.


P.S. - I haven't talked to the girl I like(d) for over 36 hours. I'm trying my best to avoid her. Be proud. It's hard, but I'm doing it.

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