Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm finally free!

Today, I finally paid back the debt that set me back and was driving me insane for the past 2 weeks. The bank fucked me over and I had to pay for it, but now it's all done and over with. It's such a big relief and hopefully I'll feel much better now that I'm done. Anyway, I talked to the girl I like today.. I didn't say much to her. I'm essentially avoiding her and tonight proved it. She doesn't understand why she upset me. Go figure, eh? But I'll let her wonder and freak out. I can't do this anymore. Short blog for now; I'll write more later. In essence, I only felt the need to write right now to express my feelings of freedom. I feel so good right now, despite my depression. Life sucks right now, I hate how I have to hurt the girl I like just to get around the situation and well, you guys know the story if you're reading this. I'll write more later. Take care.


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