Friday, February 27, 2009

KBG; I love random acronyms.

My Australian ex-girlfriend's feelings for her ex-ex-boyfriend are starting to come back and she's having a shitload of emotional trouble. We had a serious conversation and it got very deep, but it resulted in no arguments, no fighting and while she was in tears and I admittingly had tears streaming down my face, it was a pretty good night. I didn't do much other than play "Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad" for the Xbox 360 for about an hour combined in total, but I did go out to Buffalo Wild Wings with a friend for dinner, ate like a king and made sure to laugh a lot. I also talked to the sweet girl, previously known as the girl that I rarely see. We talked a lot today and I enjoyed myself. I'm pretty sure that I could really grow to like her a lot in due time. The age gap could be a problem, though. That's something I always worry about. My life sucks, my age sucks and no one can ever really accept me for who I am when they get to know me. But oh well. I wont get into the details this time, but let's just say there's a lot going on up in this fucked up head of mine and I need to sort some things out before I'm sure of myself again. But for what it's worth, I changed her alias to the sweet girl for a very good reason. I'd love to get to know her and see if it ever goes anywhere. She's the kind of girl that I could really see myself having lots of fun with. She shares a similar sense of humor, she's fairly open-minded from what I can tell, she enjoys video games and she's extremely caring. I don't know all too much about her just yet, but I know that she's really fun to be around and that we've had awesome conversations so far. That said, it's time for some sleep. I'll write more when I get around to it. Take care!


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