Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The mall, CVS and a TKO

Yesterday, I woke up early to have my cousin notarize a letter for the health advisor meeting I have in 2 hours. We went to Denny's for a free Grand Slam, which also included an awesome set of coupons that I'll be using in the future. After that, I basically came home and passed out on my bed until about 4PM. When I woke up, I sat at my computer for a while and talked to a few people. I was going to catch a bus and head out to the mall by myself via bus for a while to do some shopping, but the girl I like and our mutual friend invited me to join them instead because they were already on their way to the same mall. They turned around and came to get me immediately, which meant I was required to get ready very fast, so I had no time to bathe, do my hair or even eat my dinner. I changed my clothes, threw on my socks, put on some shoes, grabbed my coat and sprayed my cologne after putting on some deodorant, which took a total of 5 minutes, so I was most certainly ready way before they showed up. Our mutual friend and I talked constantly, as we always do when we're together, but the girl I like barely said a word to me or our mutual friend the entire time. She was attached to her phone and kept looking for some other guy the entire time we were there. She laughed and smiled a few times, but at the end of the day, really the only thing that happened was I picked up on the fact that she seriously has no real interest in me at all. There was no flirtation, she barely said any words to me and a few things she did said were actually somewhat rude. I had a very long conversation with our mutual friend when I got home via text messages, which was more just me venting and her listening, but there's nothing anyone can do about this situation. Apparently I'm burning myself alive here. But anyway, I ate a cheese steak and some fries at the mall, then we dropped by Target for a while so the girls could check out hair dye and bathing suits. When we left Target, we went to CVS. The girls picked out our mutual friend's hair dye and I grabbed a new bottle of Theraflu warming relief Nighttime Cold & Cough, a bottle of 200 CVS brand Diphenhydramine pills, a Cadbury chocolate bar and a giant bottle of blue Powerade Zero. Medicine is expensive as hell these days, let me tell ya'! The bottle of Diphenhydramine was $14, which is ridiculous! My total was almost $24. I couldn't believe it, but whatever. That stuff is a necessity right now. Allergy season is around the corner and I needed those pills. They're the only antihistamine that really helps me, even if they do make me drowsy as all hell and Theraflu will help keep my throat from driving me crazy until whatever the doctor uses to cure me kicks in and fixes me all up. Once I had my stuff bagged up, we left CVS and headed towards my place of residence, where I kicked off my shoes, dropped by my computer for a short while, took enough medicine to knock me out and went to bed extremely early; a little bit after 10PM. When I woke up around 4PM, I decided to head back to sleep, which was a good call. I woke up a bit after 6PM, hit my computer up for a few moments, then went downstairs to grab 1 1/2 glasses of fresh water and my dinner from last night, since we have no other food in the house right now. Mom was downstairs and decided to pick a fight for no good reason, so I got a little pissed off, ran up to my room, sat down at my computer and well, here I am now. I'll head out for a bath in a little while, then get ready for this visit to the health advisor, which hopefully leads directly into a visit with a doctor to get this throat situation handled. Oh, and my Australian ex-girlfriend has made more contact with me and while we're not exactly on the best of terms because we don't really have that same trust or anything for one another anymore, she's trying her best to regain those things and I'm not sure if I should let that happen. What's her motive? Why would I want to keep her around after what she did to me? The way she treated me just isn't worth it and that's not even the half of it. So much was wrong with her and that relationship and people can't just change like that, not to mention the ridiculous distance between her and I that's nearly impossible to close due to the crazy foreign visa/citizenship processes/laws. She tried to drop me a message at around 4PM her time, but I was asleep and received the message only after I woke up this morning, but whatever. I'll figure it all out. I might try to keep her at bay and be a very, very casual friend because I don't want things to get crazy again. Oh, I'm also a bit more sick this morning. I've been coughing up phlegm a good bit, which leads me to believe that I caught what the girl I like was catching. I'm not all too worried about it, since my doctor's visit is right around the corner anyway. But for now, I don't have much else to update you on, so that's all folks. Take care!


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