Sunday, February 1, 2009

An undead-filled night...

The girl I like and I had a conversation today. Well, three conversations. They were split up and had no real end. She didn't really say much to me to hold the conversation; it was me talking by myself, more or less. So eventually, I stopped talking to her and just wandered off to play Xbox 360 with the usual gang. Between the three of us and about six hours of pure gaming ecstacy, we unlocked Zombicidal Maniac, What Are You Trying To Prove?, Nothing Special and Red Mist for those who needed them. We're going to finish The Untouchables after we've all had a full session of sleep. After that, the only thing that stands in our way of 1000/1000 - 50/50 in Left 4 Dead for Xbox 360 is Zombie Genocidist, which is going to take a lot of easy mode grinding, but it wont be difficult. We'll get that done over time. The hard stuff is what really took a lot of time, effort and teamwork. We couldn't have done it solo at all. I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to those guys (they know who they are, but I don't give out names in my blog as a rule) and update the blog. Good night. Take care!


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