Thursday, February 19, 2009

More details...

Okay, so over 2 days ago, the girl I like and I were talking and we were having a normal "casual friend" conversation, then out of nowhere she said, "I'm not in a talking mood." After that, she proceeded to actively talk to other people, including my best friend, which completely contradicted what she told me. Everyone was rather pissed off about it and urged me not to speak to her, so I haven't..not until tonight and only under "direction" of my best friend. My best friend sent her a text and asked her if she could get my Zune back for me, to which she said okay. Then the girl I like asked her if I was mad at her, so she responded, "No, but he just wants to get over you." After that, the girl I like apparently didn't understand why I was upset and so my best friend told her that she led me on, which she apparently didn't take very well. In short, the girl I like denied all accusations and completely ignored my feelings in favor of defending herself. So about an hour later, the girl I like sent me a text that said we needed to talk and that she thought things were okay between us. I freaked out. I wanted to respond, make her feel better and work it out so badly, but I know she wouldn't care. She only wanted to justify her actions and prove us wrong; nothing more. So I called up my best friend for advice. She encouraged me to spite her and piss her off by saying, "I'm not in a talking mood."; the exact words the girl I like said to me 2 days ago. It set her off, as planned. She said she really wasn't in a talking mood and that her family was yelling at her for being on the phone so much. However, if that's the case, I have 2 points to make: 1 - Why did she actively text other people, but still not me? and 2 - Why doesn't she take it into consideration when we yell at her for texting the entire time when she's hanging out with us? In short, she was making excuses. It's unjustified and completely stupid, so I just said, "Well I'm not in a talking mood and I really mean it." to which she replied, "Whatever." and I shrugged it off. Then later, she said that she thought everything was okay between us for a second time and then said that she doesn't understand why I'm upset. I haven't responded to that. I want to so badly, but everyone is encouraging me to stand my ground and get over her. She only cares about herself and wont ever have any real interest in me. She's only using me for attention and whatever she can get out of me and we all know it. I see that now and honestly, it hurts. I might be able to accept her friendship, but not until I can completely get over her and maybe not even after that. I don't know at this point in time, but I'm really upset about it and I had to get it off my chest in more detail. If any of my handful of readers has any suggestions, feel free to comment it or just drop me a message if you have the means to do so. Also, I just finished playing some "Left 4 Dead" for a while with friends and a few random people and I talked to the girl I rarely see a bit more. She's a cool chick. Oh, and I was trying to hang out with my female cousin, my best friend and her boyfriend today at Outback Steakhouse, but that didn't work out, so I asked if her mother could pick me up afterwards so I could crash there and hang out with her. She declined, so I didn't get to go anywhere all night, aside from the ATM to get my situation handled. I also talked to my Australian ex-girlfriend very briefly at around 3PM. We had a very brief, but entertaining conversation. I'm starting to think that her and I really can be "just friends" and live with that. I'm treading cautiously right now and I will for quite some time, but it might actually be possible; more so than I thought, at least. I'm also quite satisfied with the most recent CosmosGaming situation. I thought that it would go down a bit worse and I was worried that I'd lose a friend in the process, but it didn't turn out too badly and we put it in the past, so it may work out for everyone all around for the best. We'll see, but right now we're all hopeful. On that note, I have nothing left to say about today. That's it for now. Take care.


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