Thursday, February 26, 2009

Honesty - an update to an old problem and other random news

Okay, so there's a good bit to talk about and I have about 2 hours before I'm heading out to "Buffalo Wild Wings" with one of my friends for some delicious food. He's one of the best friends anyone could ever ask for and while he looks out for himself, he looks out for his friends very well. We've been friends for over a decade and we've had our "breaks", plenty of arguments and even more common disagreements, but I don't think we'll ever stop talking to one another, honestly and I wouldn't want that to happen, even when we do butt heads. Onto the updates, though!

Yesterday, after sleeping for a little under 6 hours, my best friend woke me up by way of spamcalling and spamtexting me. We had a talk the previous day about our friendship and how she'd been changing and pushing me and her boyfriend away, so I guess she was just trying to change that and show me that she really does care, which is great. I missed those days, ya' know? Nothing makes me happier than waking up to something like that, rushing to get ready and then spending a good bit of my day with her and whoever else comes along. It's a great time, although she was pretty quiet and she'd been arguing with her boyfriend to an extent. After they both warmed up to the day, per se, everything was okay and we were all talking and having fun. My best friend still didn't laugh or talk much, though and I was a bit disappointed by that. I hope she's okay. I'm getting ahead of myself here, though, so let me start a bit farther back in the day. After I got ready and hopped into the car with my best friend, we talked a bit, went to the bank and then stopped by Petco. After that, we went to pick up her boyfriend, then to McDonald's so I could get food and finally to my best friend's friends house to drop off the hamster ball we found at Petco. Her friend is watching her hamster while she and her boyfriend go on vacation. They come back Sunday, so we spent time together today to compensate, I suppose. Anyhow, after we dropped the hamster ball off, we went to a mall for a while. Between the time that she picked me up and the time that we picked up her boyfriend, we were discussing serious problems between those 2. I probably shouldn't have said anything, but I asked her how she felt about her boyfriend's new blog, assuming that she'd already seen it because she checks MySpace several times per day and she's always checking her boyfriend's MySpace. She went and had a quick read, then the drama started. I don't think either of them are actually upset at me, but it caused tension that had to be fixed. I encouraged them both to be good to one another and told them to try and forget the problems, at least until they come home from vacation. They need to enjoy themselves without worries. It's a vacation for a reason, after all! So far, I think it's working because I was told that they're having fun. Let's hope it lasts! Anyway, we went around while my best friend did some clothes shopping, then they took me home. The trip wasn't very eventful, all things considered, but I was happy to spend time with my friends and share a bunch of laughs with them.

After I came home, I messed around on my computer for a while, cleaned up a few things, talked to a few people and eventually fired up "Left 4 Dead". My friends and I finally legitimately earned the "Untouchables" achievement, which leaves me with 1 remaining achievement to unlock: "Zombie Genocidist". That last achievement will inevitably unlock itself over time, considering the nature of the game. When that was finished, I took a few hours to myself and eventually logged back on to play "Castle Crashers" with another friend of mine. We started playing the game from the beginning, more or less and that was a few days ago. We only played the game twice together, but we finished the entire game with my Red Knight and his Green Knight between the two sittings. In between those two sittings and during some of my personal time, I leveled up my Alien Hominid from 80-86 and my King from level 11-30, finished my animal orb collection and grabbed all of the weapons aside from the enemy rare weapon drops, such as the glowing rod. I also finished the Icy Arena, which apparently didn't count the first time I completed it and I collected 2 of the princess kisses on my Red Knight. Aside from that, the Red Knight and Icy Arena clears unlocked the Eskimo and Skeleton playable characters, as well as the skeleton's default weapon at the Blacksmith. As it stands, I just need to grind for character unlocks to unlock all but one weapon, which drops from wizard knights in the Wizard's Tower level and then I need to have someone give me the rubber handled sword online. After that, everything is unlocked and from there, it's all about achievement collecting. When that's finished, I'll just casually work on grinding my characters all to level 99 for the hell of it. If you haven't noticed, I fucking love "Castle Crashers".

Somewhere in the midst of that stuff, I talked to my Australian ex-girlfriend for a while. I came clean and told her that I'd love to be friends with her, but that we can't get any closer than we already are. I broke the entire thing down and explained to her exactly why we wouldn't work out and she seemed pretty happy to hear that, but I know deep down inside that it hurt her to hear those words. After I said that, she opened up her webcam and did some very sweet things that no one else would understand. I always begged her to let me see her ID picture in a sorta' joking way, but she'd always refuse to show me and said that no one sees it unless it's necessary to buy something, get into a club, etc. Her friends haven't even seen it, apparently. So, on the webcam she showed me the ice cream that she was eating and then out of nowhere, she showed me the ID picture. I almost wanted to cry in a sense because while no one else understands the magnitude of that simple thing, to her it meant a whole lot. It was almost like she was subtly crying out, "No, don't say that. We'll work out. I promise, we'll be together. Don't give up on this. Don't walk away. I want more than just, I'll even show you my ID! Look, wanna see it? Here! There it is!" It may sound stupid to people who don't understand her, but that's how she works and it made me sad, to be completely honest. She was smiling and laughing, actively talking and even showed interest in things she always used to tell me she hated. It's like she was trying her best to impress me and prove to me that she can be a good girl and that it'll work out. It's such a sad thing to see, but I had to tell her and it has to be this way. It feels like a major burden has been lifted from my shoulders, although another one seems to have replaced it.

Now for some good news: I'm officially over the girl I previously liked. I've thought about her casually here and there, but I haven't experienced any feelings for her, I haven't been crying over the situation at all and I haven't even thought about sending her a text message. I feel pretty good about it now, actually and so long as I stay away from her for a few months, I think it'll be possible to obtain friendship with her again on a somewhat casual level, so long as she understands that I'll never let myself get close to her again.

The friend that I keep avoiding and lying to has been trying his best to come hang out and I keep pushing him farther away, making up more stupid lies and getting out of seeing him at every stop. I even did that not more than 45 minutes ago and I don't even feel bad about it. Does that make me a bad person, I wonder? I don't know, but I can't stand him being around unless I meet him somewhere else, like the mall or a place to eat, but I'm broke and he likes to come here, get drunk and play games, which I just can't deal with and especially not with the way he disrespects my stuff and on top of that, I have a shitload of work to do, so while I could go out for 2-3 hours and hang out, the rest of my time has to be spent working on this gigantic batch of reviews.

Speaking of which, my business partner dropped by today and dropped off everything aside from "Star Ocean: The Last Hope", which should be at his place no later than Saturday, meaning I'll receive it sometime next week. It sucks that I have to wait for it, considering that's the game I really want, but hey, business is business and I'm not complaining. If I had it, I'd probably put off everything else to play it anyway, so it's good that I have to wait a week or so in a sense because that means I can finish everything else first. "Everything else" includes the following games:

Nascar Kart Racing - Wii (EA)
Marble Saga Kororinpa - Wii (PREVIEW ONLY - Hudson)
Phineas And Ferb - DS (Disney)
My World, My Way - DS (Atlus)
Dragon Quest V - DS (Square Enix)
DJ Max Fever - PSP (PM Studios)
Prinny - PSP (NIS America)
X-Blades - PS3 (SouthPeak Games)
Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad - X360 (D3Publisher)
Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers - Wii (D3Publisher)
Deadly Creatures - Wii (THQ)
3 Stars Of Destiny - PC (Aldorlea Games)

Before I take off to play more games and pick away at this pile of stuff, I'm relieved that my most recent batch of eBay sales has completely went through, has been shipped and is finalized. No more worries there. For now, I'm done writing. Take care!


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