Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Busy, but eventful!

I called a local health advisor for our nearby sliding scale clinic today. I sorted everything out and now I have to be up in 3 hours to get a letter from my mother notarized by my cousin, who is licensed for that and has his own notary insignia. It saves us money and time, but at the expense of some sleep. After he does his thing, we're going to Denny's for free Grand Slam day. After that, I'll probably head home and fall straight into bed for 6-8 hours, directly after which I'll have to take sleeping pills or something to get proper sleep the next night because I have to be awake at by 8AM to get ready for a 9:30AM appointment with a financial advisor at the sliding scale clinic. All of that is being done so I can arrange an appointment to take care of my ever-growing throat pains with accompanying seemingly endless fever. Provided everything works out, I may be able to work a regular asthma inhaler or some sort of other asthma medicine into the mix, as well as a possible xanax prescription for my anxiety attacks. Anyway, the only other thing of note since my last post is some rather exciting FFXI news! I switched my job to Thief for the hunt, but after about 4 hours of camping and fighting, my friends and I obtained 2 of the ever-so rare Selene's Bow! He hasn't even touched his Ranger job yet, but he definitely will. He loves that job. I'm a level 67 Ranger now and I'm getting to the extremely fun stage, where my damage just keeps growing and my gear just keeps getting more ridiculous by the day. Next up: Othinus' Bow. Once I have that, I'm set until I can use a Hellfire +1, which I'll buy and use for special circumstances, such as big HNM fights. Throughout all of this, my ex-girlfriend messaged me and kinda' made me feel bad for reasons that I honestly don't want to disclose right now, but those of you who know about the situation already know why. I admit that I miss her at times, but we can't be together. There's too much water between us, ya' know? We can't realistically be together and she's just an emotionless, heartless person. She constantly made me out to be the bad guy and did stuff to hurt me at every stop. That caused me to get super paranoid, which would cause me to start fights over just about everything, which ultimately caused our downfall as a couple. We could have remained friends and possibly more had I let it be, but there are other complications and thus, it's best for her and I just not to associate with one another. She's too damn persistant, though. Maybe we both are. In truth, though, I know it's a bad idea to even give her the time of day. I just can't stop myself. I have a soft spot for that woman. I don't know why, but I do. Anyway, after that, the final thing I did before writing this was help my other friend get his Samurai AF gloves. We raped Dark Spark in no time flat, as one would expect of 2 L75s and a L54. Congratulations to everyone, including myself, for the awesome items we've all obtained tonight! Good night, dear reader. Take care.


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