Monday, February 2, 2009

More undead, more stupidity and less sleep...

Well, last night was fun, exciting, disappointing and stupid. After a five hour party in FFXI as my Ranger, I wound up with two new friends who are very capable, very kind and very welcoming. This guy and his wife, who both live in Japan at that, straight up offered to help me obtain a few very annoying items: My O-Bow and S-Bow, which are the only crossbow and bow I'll ever need once I have them. They cannot be purchased, sold, given or traded; they're rare/exclusive drops from notorious monsters in two different areas. Later tonight, we're supposed to be collecting the S-Bow, so that's very exciting and I feel revitalized in terms of FFXI because of it. I never thought I'd actually meet people who would help me get that bow. Once I logged out of FFXI, I went downstairs for some food. I heated up a double cheeseburger that my dad bought me and a bowl of (pinto, potato and ham) bean soup that my grandmom sent over for me. I received a call while I was down there preparing the soup from a friend of mine. He's one of the people I play games with, including FFXI on a regular basis. He asked me if I felt like playing more Left 4 Dead, to which I said yes. We wound up playing that for a good almost-eight hours before I laid down to get some sleep. After I woke up, a guy from Craig's List gave me a call, which caused me to wake up an hour or two earlier than I should have. I should be selling two old computers and an old monitor to this guy for $175. They're worth a bit more than that, but I priced it for a quick sale and he's the only legitimate person who responded so far. When I was finished talking to him, I immediately realized that my throat was in extreme pain. Simply put, this is not a want anymore; I NEED to see a doctor ASAP to handle this throat situation. Not only that, but my uvula is now fully swollen and I feel like complete shit. I don't even want to go out in case it's contageous or something. It sucks balls, to put it lightly. It sucks MY balls, to tell you the truth and that's saying something, considering the size of those monstrous asteroids. Before I run off to down a few cups of water, take a bath and transport stuff downstairs for the guy from Craig's List, I'd like to point out that the girl I like is officially out of the game. She made no effort to keep our conversations going and so I just let it die off completely. There were no other words exchanged. She just didn't say anything once I stopped talking and that was it. Cat & mouse time isn't over, but this time, I'm the mouse. If she wants me, she can do the chasing. Otherwise, I'm going to do whatever I can to keep my mind off of her. Chances are, it wont work and I'll keep thinking about her and it'll drive me nuts, but I'll manage. Anyway, thanks for reading. Take care!


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